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Self-Directed Adult Handbuilding Wed 11:00am

Façonnage pour adultes mer 11h00

Kaitlyn Brennan
English / Anglais


11:00 AM

1:30 PM




This 6 week class is intended for experienced artists that are looking for an opportunity to explore their own ideas and projects through handbuilding. This is not an open studio - this is a class in which students present their goals for the class (forms they would like to make) and the teacher provides guidance, demonstrations and other resources to help students make the forms they set a goal of making. Ideally goals are communicated to the instructor prior to the first class. Students are not welcome to use this time to create large volumes of work for sale or exhibition - this is a learning class not an open studio. Students must have taken at least two classes previously at Gloucester Pottery School. 10kg of clay included with more available for purchase. Adults 18+Ce cours de 6 semaines est destiné aux artistes expérimentés qui recherchent une opportunité d'explorer leurs propres idées et projets à travers la faconnage. Ce cours sera dirigé par les étudiants sans programme défini, mais un instructeur sera présent pour vous guider. Les étudiants doivent avoir suivi au moins un cours auparavant à l'école de poterie de Gloucester. 10 kg d'argile inclus avec plus disponible à l'achat. Adultes 18+

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