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Do you offer private lessons? This programming is currently on hold due to high volume of full session classes, lack of instructors, and studio space availability. Please contact the studio office for specific requests.

Do you have open studio time or a membership program? No, the Gloucester Pottery School operates solely as a school and the studio is not available for public use outside of class time.

Do you offer make-up lessons for classes missed? Make-up lessons or substitute classes are not offered. However, if you have missed your last glazing class, arrangements can be made with the studio office to have you attend an alternate glazing class if available. If you cannot join another glazing class, we will happily glaze your pieces for you with your selected glazes. If you have missed a wheel throwing or trimming class, please contact the office so we can make arrangments for either extra pieces to be thrown or trimmed for you.

Where can I find examples of kids projects to choose from for birthdays and workshops? On the Book a Party - Children's Handbuilding Party page of our website you will find a gallery of sample projects your child can choose from for a birthday party or workshop.

When will my pottery be ready for pick up? Pottery will be ready approximately 3 weeks from: - The last day of class (for students enrolled in a full session) - The day of drop off (for clients who have brought in pots outside of class time) - The day of the birthday or workshop Please note that you will receive an email from our Studio Manager when the pieces are ready to be picked up. We recommend checking your junk/spam folder and calling the studio office if you have not heard from us after 3 weeks.

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