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Narrative on low fire clay with Zoe Pinnell Nov 30 & Dec 1

Zoe Pinnell
English / Anglais


9:30 AM

4:30 PM




In this workshop students will be creating 1-2 handbuilt plates/trays using slab techniques, moulds, textures, and adding sculptural additions. We will then be exploring narratives and surface development on the pieces using illustrative techniques. The pieces will be decorated with stroke and coat glazes, underglazes, and terra sigillata. Final glazing techniques will be discussed but pieces not glazed in class. Pre-made samples for glazing techniques will be provided. Participants will gain knowledge and experience in low fire surfaces. They will walk out with techniques for creating illustrations and narrative, as well as develop technique for applying them to clay. Participants will be able to explore glazing on unfired surfaces, opening possibilities to expand their own bodies of work.

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