Home Studio Class Fri 1:30pm

Cours studio à domicile ven 13h30

Evelyn Leon
English / Anglais


1:30 PM

4:30 PM




This class is an introduction to setting up a home pottery studio. It will be a mix of lessons and hands on learning opportunites. We encourage any of our students who are thinking about setting up a home studio to take this course first. It is jammed packed with years of expertise from our talented team of teachers and technicians and will ensure you are ready to set up your new studio. Course will cover many topics including the tools, materials, and equipment needed - which can be purchased, where to buy them and which you can make as well as onsite training with the studio's own equipment. Topics will include pottery studio health and safety, ventilation, ergonomics. reclaiming and storing clay, making of plaster slab for reclaiming (which students will get to keep), basics on kilns including loading and firing electric kilns, and basics of working with commercial and pre-mix glazes. Pottery experience required. Adults 18+ Dans ce cours, les étudiants apprendront comment mettre en place leurs propre studios. L'accent sera mis sur les outils, le matériel et l'équipement nécessaires ainsi que sur la formation sur place avec le propre équipement du studio. Les sujets comprendront la sécurité et la ventilation appropriées, le recyclage et le stockage de l'argile, la fabrication de moules en plâtre, les cuissons au four et le mélange des glacures. Expérience en poterie un atout. Adultes 18+